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Transformative research.

Urban environments must urgently transition from extractive, vulnerable, and unjust to sustainable, resilient, and equitable. The task is complex and requires systemic transformations across social, environmental, and technical infrastructures. But the question remains: How do just transformations to sustainable and resilient urban futures occur?


Liliana's research aims to uncover the mechanisms that facilitate just transformations, and currently includes: 1) process tracing to expose causal relationships between actions and outcomes on pathways to positive urban futures, 2) co-producing methods for Indigenizing urban environmental planning initiatives, and 3) studying the role of participatory evaluation in achieving procedural justice in partnership-based work.


Together, findings from each project are aiding the development of Liliana's theoretical framework for just transformative capacity.

Below, find links to a selection of Liliana's research networks and ongoing projects.

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